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Nauticus is a 120,000-square-foot science center at 1 Waterside Dr, Norfolk, VA 23510, is a must-see for science lovers and families. The USS Wisconsin, the largest U.S. Navy battleship, can be spotted here, and a Winterfest on the Wisconsin celebration is a popular highlight of the annual museum. It is open every day from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and the entire family can enjoy the interactive exhibits. The museum is free, and admission is free with museum admission.

The second and third floors of Nauticus feature the Hampton Roads Naval Museum. This museum offers science exhibits that educate visitors on the ocean's history. There's also a shark lab where you can learn about the life of these feared predators. The four-foot-long male brownbanded bamboo shark was recently relocated due to his aggressiveness. Other exhibits in the museum include a live stingray and a variety of other fish.

The third floor of the museum houses the Hampton Roads Naval Museum. This exhibit offers an interactive touch experience with sharks, a close-up view of the armada, and interactive demonstrations. A large ship model with a periscope can be viewed on a giant touchscreen. There is a special theater for families to watch live sharks, as well as exhibits on maritime history. The battleship Wisconsin and the Hampton Roads Naval Museum are also on display at Nauticus. The museum is open every day of the year, but is closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.

The third floor of the museum contains science exhibits on the history of naval ships and the power of the ocean. On the second floor is the Hampton Roads Naval Museum. This exhibit showcases the power of the sea. The ship is also a permanent exhibition of the Virginia Navy. It is home to the Battleship Wisconsin, the Battleship Virginia, and the Hampton Roads Naval Museum. It is open daily, but is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.

The museum is a must-see for sailors. The Hampton Roads Naval Museum is an interactive museum with exhibits on 225 years of naval history. The battleship Wisconsin, which is located inside the museum, is a good example of a ship's importance in the war. The Portsmouth Cruise Terminal is located right next to the Hampton Roads Naval Museum, which offers an informative gift shop and a restaurant. The center is in downtown Norfolk, and parking is easily accessible.

If you're looking for an educational experience, Nauticus is worth a visit. Featuring a sailing center, a museum, the Nauticus is one of the most popular attractions in Norfolk. There are many things to see and do in the city, and the Nauticus is just the right place to visit for both. In fact, the Hampton Roads naval museum is worth a visit if you are planning a trip to the area.

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