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Jimmy Sgambelluri - NMLS# 615259

Hi, my name is  Jimmy Sgambelluri and I am mortgage loan officer with an undeniable commitment to providing simplicity and clarity to the mortgage process.  

You will find that I truly enjoy helping consumers and real estate agents navigate the mortgage maze in 2017.  

I can help you purchase a home, renovate a home, refinance a home, or build a home.

So how did this happen to me?

It all started in 1997, when I was working in a retail clothing store.  Working retail often left me feeling underutilized and wanting more.  I was tired, frustrated, and miserable.

Having just purchased my first house, I spoke with my “mortgage banker” about what it took to become a success in the mortgage business.  His response, “Tenacity is what it takes to make it in this business.”

So I quit my job in retail and applied to become a “loan originator” for a local mortgage company that has since gone out of business.  I had no ambitions other than success.  Heck, I wasn’t even sure of how I was going to start this success thing.

But my need for change and success quickly became my passion.

Between helping real estate agents market and sell more homes to showing a first time homebuyer what options they have when purchasing a home, I was truly happy about what I am becoming and it showed.

Because of this my business grew steadily and rapidly year after year.

Since quitting my job in retail with no idea what I was getting into, I have started a family, closed a ton of mortgage loans, helped many real estate agents succeed, earned respect in my community, and met hundreds of new friends. (and this is coming from someone with NO idea on how I was going to achieve this)

Fast forward to right this very minute.  You.

Now I want to help you with your mortgage needs.  It doesn’t matter if you need mortgage info, mortgage advice, mortgage rates, credit reports, or just somebody to talk to.  I can help you, just like I have helped hundreds of others with the same questions and needs you have.

Thank you for dropping by.  I genuinely appreciate it… and you.

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