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VHDA Home Loan Programs Offer Savings To First Time Homebuyers.

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VHDA Home Loan programs offer savings to first time homebuyers.

Read below to learn more about the benefits & the different VHDA home loans available.


The VHDA or Virginia Housing Development Authority was founded to provide VHDA home loans to first time home buyers throughout the State of Virginia.

They also provide home buyer classes, grant money, support housing counseling, apartment financing, mortgage credit certificates, and revitalization efforts throughout the state. In addition, they provide help to the eldery and people with disabilities to make their homes more livable.

Since the creation by the Virginia General Assembly in 1972 it’s community service organizations, lenders, developers, and partnerships with local government have helped attain affordable housing & VHDA Home Loans to is residents.

Since it's founding, VHDA has committed financing for more than:
Single Family Homes
Multi Family Homes
The VHDA offers affordable housing opportunities
VHDA Home Loans

The VHDA offers affordable housing opportunities for Virginians who otherwise might not be able to afford quality housing. They provide developers of low- to moderate-income housing with access to financial resources and tax incentives. To learn more about their programs, follow the links below.

The VHDA Home Loans program is self supporting and a large portion of their revenues are spent meeting Virginia’s housing needs each year. They receive no state tax payer dollars to fund their programs or their homebuyer grant programs.

Each year the VHDA raises funds through capital markets. Investors then purchase VHDA bond and VHDA Home Loan securities that generate the principal source of revenue for the VHDA Home Loan Program. These funds support the Single Family & Multifamily Loan Programs.

In 2016 VHDA released a new initiative called the VHDA Mortgage Credit Certificate to give an additional tax benefit to qualifying homebuyers.

VHDA has more than 300 employees and is a quasi-government agency. The 11 member board of directors is appointed by the governor, but is 100% self supporting and does not use tax dollars to fund the home mortgage lending initiatives.

Looking for the VHDA home loan that is right for you?  Some loan options include no or low down payment, flexible underwriting, and closing cost assistance.  Call a VHDA Mortgage Loan Officer today at 757-287-4098 to get more information.

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