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Great Hopes Plantation

If you're looking for a tour of Colonial Williamsburg, visit Great Hopes Plantation. This museum is located on the site of the first African-American owned working farm in America. It is addressed at 100 Visitor Center Dr, Williamsburg, Virginia 23185. It's a peaceful setting, with the sweet-clover air that makes you forget you're in a historic site. You'll learn all about the slave trade, as well as what life was like for the enslaved people who worked on the estate.

Tobacco was the main crop in Tidewater, Virginia, and was sold for cash to help the community. After tobacco, wheat began to replace it as the cash crop. The plantation also produced a variety of crops, including corn, which was ground into hominy and meal. The museum includes two gardens that grow vegetables, herbs, and fruits. Visitors can even touch and feel the original hay bales.

The Great Hopes Plantation also features an interactive living history site. A tour takes you through the tobacco fields and allows you to see how slaves worked. You can step inside the structures built by carpenters, learn about the tools and techniques of the 18th century, and learn about the daily routines of plantation workers. You'll get a true feel for the daily lives of slaves and working farmers in the area.

The museum is a short walk away from the Visitors Center. It features costumed interpreters that perform daily tasks dictated by the weather and sun. You'll see how slaves haul water, use a pit saw to saw boards, and tend livestock. You'll also get to see a primitive corn-shuck doll that serves as a reminder of the lost child. A tour guide points out this item during the tour.

A great part of Colonial Williamsburg is Great Hopes Plantation. Stay in a historic district near Colonial Williamsburg and explore all the city has to offer. The Americans Best Value Inn Historic Area is less than a mile away, and it offers well-equipped guest rooms, an indoor pool, and a free continental breakfast. Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott Williamsburg, located near Colonial Town, provides a warm welcome and an excellent breakfast.

The Great Hopes Plantation is a working farm in Colonial Williamsburg. There are pigs and chickens on the property. There are vegetable and herb gardens, tobacco fields, and smokehouses. The property is also home to laborers. While the architecture is not quite British, you'll have a memorable time. There's no better way to spend your weekend than at Great Hopes Plantation! You'll enjoy the historic taverns and learn about life on a Virginia plantation in the 17th and 18th centuries.

The historic town of Williamsburg is home to the Great Hopes Plantation. The colonial Williamsburg townscape was built on this site, and it's a replica of a typical middle class plantation in that time. This historic site has many other fascinating features, including the streets of the 1800s, a colonial town, and the infamous bourbon street. In addition to the plantation, the surrounding area has a thriving community.

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