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Mortgage Company Serving Newport News, VA & Surrounding Areas

Newport News, VA Mortgage Company - Jimmy Sgambelluri and his team at PrimeLending provides a high quality, personalized level of service for all your mortgage needs. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting the home buying process, have found your perfect home, building a home, renovating a home, are a real estate investor, or thinking about refinancing your mortgage, we are the 1st and only call you need to make about getting a mortgage.

Getting a quality pre-approval from a trusted source is the very first step towards refinancing or buying a home. We can work for you as either your best mortgage lender or best mortgage broker. Simplify getting a mortgage in Newport News, VA by using our pre-approval process. It is clear and simple with no up-front appraisal fees, application fees, or appraisal fees. 

newport news va mortgage lender

Newport, News, Virginia

Specializing In:

  • FHA Mortgage Loans

  • Conventional Mortgage Loans

  • VA Mortgage Loans

  • USDA Mortgage Loans

  • VHDA Mortgage Loans

  • New Construction Mortgage Loans

  • HomeStyle Renovation Loans

  • 203K FHA Renovation Mortgage Loans

  • Renovation Mortgage Loans

  • Refinance Mortgage Loans

  • Lot Loans

When you contact us as your local Newport News VA mortgage lender or mortgage broker, we provide you with a complimentary credit check and set you up for mortgage success with clear expectations on how much home you can afford and a realistic expectation of your mortgage payment. Doing this early on will leave you feeling empowered to find and own the home of your dreams.

Once you are pre-approved and have found your home, then the next step is getting your offer accepted. Given current market conditions, working with a top rated mortgage lender in Newport News, VA is absolutely mandatory. Our experience and expertise has made the difference when helping clients have the most success when purchasing a home in Newport News, VA.

Working with Jimmy Sgambelluri - PrimeLending as your Newport News VA mortgage lender will give you an edge in several ways.


Being able to close quickly and then instilling trust in the seller that we can perform, makes all the difference. 


Too often lenders and brokers make promises they cannot deliver on and this creates a healthy skepticism by the sellers.. 


From the very start clients, agents, and sellers see that our professionalism, experience and expertise shines through in everything we do.


Once you are pre-approved, we get you in position to close within 25 days.

Contact us to learn more about this process and why top real estate agents, financial planners, and CPA’s, trust us with their clients and personal business.

  • We will help you get clear on what you can afford, giving you the confidence to move forward on your home purchase.
  • We will take the time to explain the difference between the different loan types you may qualify for and if there are any special home loan programs available to you. (Ex. Low down payment mortgages, or down payment assistance, or down payments grants for purchasing a home)
  • We know how important teamwork is and are happy to work with your realtor to assure your interests are well represented.

Buying a home is stressful enough and we work hard to make sure it is as painless as possible.

If you want to succeed in today’s Newport News, VA competitive real estate market, you want Jimmy Sgambelluri with PrimeLending in your corner.  Call or Text today, 757-287-4098.

Jimmy Sgambelluri
NMLS ID#615259

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