5 Reasons To Buy A Home A Home In May


Teachers: 5 Reasons May Is A Great Month To Buy A Home

Did you know that May is Teacher Appreciation Month?  May is such a beautiful month and a great time to purchase a new home.  Why is it such a good month for teachers to buy a home?  Check out the 5 top reasons May is the month for teachers to purchase  new home.  

Find close to $1000 in savings for all teachers purchasing a home in May.

1.  Good Inventory of Homes For Sale In Spring

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Inventory of homes to buy is usually higher in the spring months.  As sellers try to maximize their asking price by having their home look good with green grass and a spring freshen up.

2.  Flowers & Shrubs Are In Full Bloom

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It is a heck of a lot easier to sell your home when the grass is green, the shrubs have fresh foliage, & the flowers are in bloom.  The spring is when people take the time to clean the windows, pressure wash, rake the beds, and do some tidying up that they were unable to do in the cold winter months.  

3.  Warmer Weather Gets People Motivated

The warm weather motivates people to move.  Whether they are ready to purchase their first home, move up to a larger home, wanting to change school districts, the warm weather makes people get out and look at real estate.

4.  Big Savings To Teachers From Mortgage Lenders

​In appreciation of all you do for the community and your choice of such an important profession, we’re doing our part to help you buy a home.  This offer is part of our PrimeLending formula for home ownership.

The formula combines a wide variety of loan options, an easy application process and personalized service to deliver a customized solution.

5.  PLUS PrimeLending will cover the cost of your appraisal

A home appraisal can cost between $400 & $800 depending on a variety of factors.  Simply provide your email & we will send you a coupon for an addition savings of the cost of your appraisal. That is a total savings of approximately $1000 just for choosing to be a teacher.  

In Summary

May is a great time for teachers to purchase a home because the homes are "spring clean", the weather is warmer, more homes are on the market, and BIG Savings.

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