If You Are Looking To PURCHASE A Home, BUILD A Home, RENOVATE A Home,

or REFINANCE A Home...

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There is no doubt that getting a mortgage loan can be confusing & frustrating.

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Whether you came here to learn more about mortgage options, to find out current mortgage rates, or get ***pre-qualified for a mortgage - You are in the right place.

There Has Never Been A More Important Time To Work With A Licensed Mortgage Lender.

Since you are here now, something tells me you need information or have a question.

It doesn't matter if you are looking to build a home, purchase a home, renovate a home, or refinance a home, I can help!

No matter where you are in your mortgage journey, you want up to date, accurate, & reliable information quickly.

You are READY to take the next step towards something bigger.  Bigger for you and bigger for the ones you love.

But you just don’t know everything you need to know about mortgage loans.

You know that the news is biased and everything on the internet is 100% true. ( << Kidding here)

You just don’t know where to turn.  You are feeling stuck, frustrated, and confused.

Trust me, I see this everyday and have been there myself.  You need a mortgage lender that can help you answer questions like these:


  • Are wondering about how to renovate your home with a renovation loan?
  • Would like to know what first time home buyer programs are available?
  • Are considering building a new home and don’t know where to start?
  • Want to refinance a mortgage but are not sure if it makes good sense?
  • Just have a mortgage question that needs to be answered?
  • Need to know what the difference is between a locked mortgage rate & a floating mortgage rate?

If You Are In Need Of A Mortgage Lender Or Mortgage Information… Then, I Am Here To Help You With That.  

Quickly, Honestly, Accurately, & Professionally.


Who Am I & How Can I Help You?


Jimmy Sgambelluri - NMLS# 615259

Hi, my name is  Jimmy Sgambelluri and I am mortgage loan officer with an undeniable commitment to providing simplicity and clarity to the mortgage process.  

You will find that I am truly enjoy helping consumers and real estate agents navigate the mortgage maze in 2017.  

I can help you purchase a home, renovate a home, refinance a home, or build a home.

So how did this happen to me?

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